Better than a holiday in St. Moritz: Holidays in St. Moritzen!

Bling-bling, fussing and showing off? Not in St. Moritz. Here it's authentic, genuine and quite cosy. Is it because the Hotel Alte Mühle is located here? Probably. But also because of a number of other things. Our little village doesn't have much to do with its sophisticated Swiss namesake. But: there are still people who prefer tradition and unspoilt nature to beautiful appearances. If you are one of them, then read on, we will tell you more about what makes us "Moritzna" tick.

Sand in Taufers: One community, many places.

Maybe you are confused now: After all, our Hotel Alte Mühle is located in Sand in Taufers. That's right! But ... we'll catch up: Sand in Taufers is a market town and the main town of the so-called Tauferer Tal. Because the Ahrntal, strictly speaking, only begins behind Taufers Castle. Anyone who has been here before knows that it is a long way from the first town sign "Sand in Taufers - Campo Tures" to us. 4.6 kilometres, to be exact. This is because our municipality is quite extensive: on 164.47 square kilometres there is not only Sand in Taufers proper, but also the villages of Kematen, Mühlen, Rein and Ahornach. And then there is St. Moritzen ...


"Mir Moritzna"

The inhabitants of the other parts of the village don't like to hear it, but clever people have found out that this is probably where the village originated, between the two footbridges, on the mountain-facing side of the Ahr stream. The little church, which along with the castle is one of the most beautiful photo motifs in the area, is the heart of St. Moritzen. How long it has stood there is uncertain. But it was first mentioned in writing in 1443. If you walk from our hotel towards the waterfalls and follow the old road, you can marvel at the "Moritzna Hochhäuser", beautiful old farmhouses built unusually high. And just before the bridge that leads into Dr. Daimer Street, probably the most famous family of St. Moritzen live: The "Hiasler". They not only have a beautiful home, but even their own Kischta (church day). Anyone who is invited to this can feel honoured! Together with other Moritzner Mandern (men from St. Moritzen), the Hiasler-Buabn also always conjure up the most beautiful Herz Jesu fire on the slope of the Wasserfallspitze in June. You can watch it particularly well from one of our balconies. Speaking of which, how about just coming to our place and letting our bosses Beatrice and Sepp with Sarah show you the many other Moritzna specialities? Sounds good? Then this way!

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