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Who invented it? Unfortunately not us South Tyroleans. But we think that the Nordic tradition of sweating is also quite appropriate here. After all, what could be more pleasant than taking a warm sauna after a day on the ski slopes? Or reviving your spirits in the steam bath after a hike? You can unwind in our sauna every day from 2 – 7 pm and simply enjoy the view. As in every part of the house, you can discover many an interesting thing from the past here, too. Host Sepp insisted on using 350-year-old wood from his home in Mühlbach. And he also had a hand in the construction of our natural stone grotto.

Larch-Swiss-pine-sweat lodge

Sitting. Sweating. Gathering new strength. This sauna heats up to 90 degrees. The prized wood from local forests and the aromas of the herbal infusions unite to form a soothing whole.

Herb Miners Room

The old Valle Aurina miners would have been so happy to have this sauna! A pleasant temperature of approx. 38 degrees, a humidity of 60 percent and a delicate herbal scent do body and soul good. 

Natural stone grotto steam bath

Solid stone from the South Tyrolean mountains. Finest steam. Sounds great? It is! This special steam bath offers relaxation at a temperature of approx. 45 degrees and 100 percent humidity.

Infrared cabin

Tense muscles, heavy legs? Our infrared cabin from Physiotherm will quickly get you back on your feet. Infrared heat is said to have many other positive effects on health. Try it and see!

Slate stone gallery

An underground wellness experience. Precious natural stones and the aromas of local mountain flowers work their magic in this steam bath. Relax at a pleasant 60 degrees and 70 percent humidity.

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