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Culinary delights, wine and the good life

There is probably no place on earth that our well-travelled host and chef Sepp hasn’t yet seen. But none of the cuisine of Latin America or the specialities of Asia evoke the same passion in Sepp as the specialities of his native South Tyrol. We are something of pioneers at the Alte Mühle. Long before “organic” and “regional” became fashionable, we cooked the way it should be done – authentically. With a lot of love. With the necessary respect for nature, people and animals. That’s why you’ll only ever enjoy the finest ingredients from Valle Aurina, expertly prepared with devotion by Sepp and his team, from breakfast to dinner.

Breakfast in the Alte Mühle
7:00-10:30 am

Butter from the Kofler farmer, cheese from the Goasrost, freshly baked bread from our own bakery and the finest jams prepared for you by host Beatrice summer after summer. You couldn’t have a better way to start your day in Valle Aurina. Local. Healthy. Home-grown. Only the best from the region is served at our breakfast table. No ifs and buts. Because if we could, we would even source our coffee from the region. But unfortunately, we all know that coffee bushes don’t grow well in the Alps.


The Marende
3–4.30 pm

Cappuccino and cake in the afternoon? That’s what we call a “Marende”. And because the people from Valle Aurina have good taste, we not only serve you freshly baked delicacies for those with a sweet tooth, but also love to dish up hearty bacon and cheese. What is absolutely never missing: the legendary “Schüttelbrot” bread.

6-course menu in the evening
7-8:30 pm

Watch out, the boss is cooking. What does this mean? Indulgence without compromise. Traditional recipes with a surprisingly modern twist. A touch of the Mediterranean. And as always, an unbridled passion for the finest products from the Aurina valley. The vegetables for our creative dishes grow just a stone’s throw away from here. We grow old varieties and crisp delicacies in a field on the edge of the village together with the “Taufrisch” cooperation. Likewise, our meat has hardly travelled at all. It comes from our own hunting expeditions or from the Huberhof farm, which Sepp’s brother manages. By the way: we don’t consider the term “nose-to-tail” as a marketing trend, but as a philosophy that we have always followed. Out of respect for the animal, we use every part. And this provides surprising, tasty treats and many an “aha” moment of pleasure on the plate. Of course, delicious vegetarian dishes are also part of our 6-course dinner menu and we’re happy to cater for food intolerances.



Wine at the Gourmet Hotel
It is a true treasure trove. A paradise for lovers of fine wines. Our wine cellar is Beatrice’s pride and joy and she guards it like the crown jewels. There are more than 200 of the finest white and red wines stored here, ready for you to taste. Dear French people – we are sorry to have to say this – but in our opinion, the finest wines come from Italy. You disagree? Then you should definitely take part in a wine tasting. Beatrice will do her utmost to convince you of her liquid treasures from Italy’s best wineries at a weekly joint wine tasting session.

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