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A lot of water has gone down the Aurino River since the first stone was laid for the house at the bridge. But you can still sense the stories that have taken place in the Alte Mühle throughout its history. And they are definitely worth being told. Folks have always enjoyed going in and out of this house in the St. Moritzen district, close to the little church and only a stone’s throw away from the castle. Long before tourism was “invented” in the 1930s. If you look closely, you can find plenty of treasures from the past in the house. And if you like, Sepp and Beatrice will be happy to tell you one of the many little stories about the hotel. Take a look at the chronicle of the Alte Mühle with us:


The mill rattles…

A marvellous grain mill stands on the babbling Aurino River – no one knows exactly how long it has been there. People from all over the valley come here to have their grain ground. Johann Jungmann, the great-great-grandfather of your hostess Beatrice, buys the mill and quickly sets up a business selling flour and baked goods. You can see the old flour lift in our show kitchen and we still have the drive of the old grain mill in the wine cellar.



The mayor’s office

Now, Josef Jungmann, Johann’s grandson, is at work. Bruggenmüller, as everyone calls him, is a respected man. Not just because he’s a savvy businessman. He steers the village’s fortunes as mayor until 1925, and the old mill becomes his office for a while.


Scourge of the water

Situated right on the Aurino River almost becomes the old mill’s undoing. It almost falls victim to a huge mudslide that makes its way through the natural riverbed and devastates half the village. Bruggenmüller and his supporters manage to stop the Aurino River and protect the village from further catastrophes.


Reverend and the library

Josef Andreas Jungmann is born one year before the dawn of the new century. The inquisitive, pious young man soon finds himself drawn out into the wide world. To Bressanone, Innsbruck, Vienna and Munich. He becomes a Jesuit priest and strives to ensure that “ordinary folk” also understand what the parish priest preaches at mass. Josef Andreas will go far. He even becomes rector of the University of Innsbruck. If you want to follow in the footsteps of the priest, all you have to do is wander through our house. Or go to the library, which is now named after our famous ancestor.

Visitors arrive!

While guests from around the world have long been swarming to other places, Valle Aurina is still a sleepy patch of earth. The mountains, the good clean air and the friendly locals are slowly but surely enticing the first guests to Campo Tures. The Jungmanns seize their chance and start to expand. The first set of guests move into simple quarters in an extension of the old mill.



The miller’s frustration

The post-war years of the economic miracle and progress take their toll. The tiny village mill can no longer keep up with the big companies. With a heavy heart, the Jungmanns decide to close down their mill. But inventive and enterprising as the people of Valle Aurina are, they now focus solely on their guests. And when they come, the children have to move into the attic. The little ones have lots of fun listening to the conversations of the guests. How funny these visitors are! It’s just a pity that they don’t always fully understand the local dialect.


Aunt Helene cooks

Cooking is what she wants to do. She cooks so well, that her food becomes known far beyond the Aurina valley. Aunt Helene has big plans. And a big dream. She dreams of having a restaurant of her own. And modern guest rooms. Luckily, Aunt Helene really could cook that well and the Hotel Alte Mühle soon opens its doors.


Ah, love!

When and where exactly Sepp and Beatrice fell in love remains their sweet secret. This much can be revealed: It’s hard for a girl from the city to resist the charms of a boy from South Tyrol. He was a particularly dashing fellow, that Sepp Wolfsgruber. And he has a bit of a wild side, too. Always “on the move”, as they say here, and preferably with Hans Kammerlander and his buddies in the mountains of this world. So Beatrice is drawn back to where her roots are: the Alte Mühle in Campo Tures. She will never let go of her love for her hometown of Florence. But her soul is at home here in Valle Aurina.


Experience Valle Aurina in the flesh

The time has come. Sepp and Beatrice take the helm. Like Aunt Helene and many of their ancestors in the past, they also have a dream. They want to share the good fortune of living here in Valle Aurina with guests. They are the new hosts of the Alte Mühle. They make the Alte Mühle a holiday home for everyone who wants to experience the true Valle Aurina with a lot of love for detail, for the land and the people, with respect for tradition and the courage to try something new. With all its wonderful nature. The many enchanting customs. And a charming conviviality that can only be found here. Between the Aurino River and the castle. Where the old mill once rattled.

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