Beatrice and Sepp

Mountain enthusiasts. Pleasure seekers. Hosts with a passion.

South Tyrol has a lot of hotels, it’s true. But these two would have to be invented if they didn’t already exist: Sepp and Beatrice. Everything they tackle, they do with hand and foot and heart and soul. You couldn’t wish for more authentic and genuine hospitality than with these two. Sepp is a widely travelled mountain expert. A real outdoors man with a penchant for pleasure. Sepp explored the peaks of Nepal with Hans Kammerlander. Nowadays, he loves taking guests to his favourite mountains in his home region of Valle Aurina. Or teaching you how to make the best ‘Schüttelbrot’ bread in the country. Besides Beatrice and mountaineering, culinary arts are Sepp’s great love. Talking of love, that’s what propelled Beatrice to return to Valle Aurina. Actually, she comes from here. And that has to do with the Alte Mühle. And what made Beatrice leave her beloved Florence to be with Sepp and to make her long-cherished dream of her own hotel come true. Her love for this charming house and its guests is palpable. On walks with her through the meadows and forests. When picking mushrooms. When cooking jam. Beatrice and Sepp are happy to share everything they like and do with you. You can look forward to genuine warm-hearted hosts, and genuine holiday experiences that will stay with you forever.

Insights into the hotel
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Hotel Alte Mühle

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