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The Hotel Alte Mühle

If only the gnarled old oak next to our hotel could talk. It has probably seen plenty over its long life, but there is one thing it has seen a lot of over the past few years – delighted guests! Sepp and Beatrice have been at the helm of this extraordinary hotel in Campo Tures since the mid-1990s. Hotel guests have a lot to be happy about. The charming family atmosphere, for example. After all, with our 28 rooms and suites, we can rightly call ourselves “small but lovely”.

Everything in our Gourmet Hotel revolves around your happiness. The finest in Alpine wellness. Excellent cuisine. Amazingly comfortable rooms and genuine, authentic hospitality. These are just some of the many things that make our hotel in Valle Aurina a real gem.


Beatrice & Sepp

If there is one thing we don’t like, it’s being called a “hotelier”. Because we are hosts. Through and through. With all our heart. We love sitting and chatting with you. There is nothing more wonderful than being outdoors with you in the spectacular countryside around Valle Aurina - and we can’t imagine a life without our guests.


Meet the hosts.


Our traditional hotel in Valle Aurina
Mayor’s office Grain mill. Inn. Our hotel has been a lot of things.  And you can tell. A piece of history is hidden in every corner. And lots of stories. They tell of the first guests in Valle Aurina, a legendary Capuchin monk and of Aunt Helene, who dreamed of becoming the best cook in all of South Tyrol.


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Dinner’s ready!


In vino veritas. Our wine cellar is the best proof. Another thing that’s true: We love the genuine, honest cuisine of South Tyrol and are passionate about food that doesn’t have to travel a single kilometre from the field to your plate. Sepp, your host, is our champion in the kitchen and whips up new culinary surprises for you every day.


To the culinary world

Fancy some alpine wellness?

Summer in South Tyrol

Winter in the Alte Mühle

Magical Valle Aurina

After only one day in the mountains, we already felt like true South Tyroleans.

Our hotel

is full of stories.

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Post from the
Hotel Alte Mühle

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