Man does not live on bread alone

but it is still delicious

The Shanidar Cave in Kurdistan. A group of Neanderthals sits around a fire. Curious, they sniff at the glowing hot stone lying inside. A tempting aroma rises as they mix ground wild barley with water and form small patties. This is going to be a feast! This is probably how it was baked, the very first bread in the history of mankind. 
Today, a full 40,000 years later, bread is an integral part of our lives. Not only at the breakfast table, but also in the use of language. The German dictionary of proverbs knows an unbelievable five hundred proverbs and sayings on the subject of bread. Nomen est omen: It would be a little strange if we here at the Alte Mühle did not also have a special relationship with bread baking. Chef Sepp in particular has a weakness for crumbs and crusts, for hearty and delicious things. His passion for really good bread drives him out of bed early every day: "A good day starts with a good breakfast, and that includes our homemade special breads". Whenever time permits, Sepp personally picks up the dough bowl and with great dedication shapes his legendary Kastenbrote and Vinschgerlen. 

Speaking of which, the latter is almost sacred here in South Tyrol. The flat breads are baked from wheat sourdough, yeast and the typical mixture of spices, in which, depending on the region, there is sometimes more, sometimes less shabbat, fennel, caraway and coriander. Closely related to the Vinschgerle is the Schüttelbrot, without which an original South Tyrolean snack - the Marende - would not be a Marende. 

We admit it, it is a bit mean to make your mouth water here. There is only one thing that helps: book your autumn vacation with us at the Old Mill - bread baking course with Chef Sepp included.

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