Baths in the steam bath

Body wraps in the steam bath

Arnica & St. John's wort

SPORT - VITALITY                                                                                 

This health bath gives new fitness to your tired joints and muscles. The power of the active ingredient complex of arnica & St. John's wort reduces stress and relieves tension. Ideal after hikes and in case of tension.

approx. 25 min 35 €

Grapes & Sea Buckthorn

Pure regeneration - slip into a new skin feeling. The entire power of grapes and sea buckthorn in this beauty pack increase your skin's own protection and provide a pleasantly silky feeling of well-being.

approx. 25 min 35 €

Apple & Rosehip


A sensual fruity beauty bath. Apples and rose hips are the ideal fruits for the regeneration and care of dehydrated and stressed skin. This unique combination can promote cell regeneration and intensively moisturizes the skin.

approx. 25 min 35 €

incl. relaxing massage

TIP: In combination with a relaxing massage. 
approx. 50 min 68 €

Ahrntal hay bath

The traditional bath for the entire musculoskeletal system.
The natural herbs contained in the mountain hay promote blood circulation, loosen the muscles and gently cleanse the skin. A light massage at the end.
ca. 50 min 49 €

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