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Sometimes we wonder a bit ourselves about our boss Sepp and ask ourselves where he gets it from, all this energy. Maybe he is a Duracell bunny? But one thing is certain: our host is pretty good at doing and only when there's a lot going on does he really blossom. For our Sepp, real elation comes from one place: At altitude. In other words: the thinner the mountain air, the more comfortable the enthusiastic mountaineer seems to feel. This can also be said of our good friend and alpine legend Hans Kammerlander, Sepp has even been to Nepal with him. But today we don't want to wander off into the distance, we want to tackle a hike in our beautiful Ahrntal valley. Anyone who is now afraid of a "forced march" can rest assured. Because our Sepp also has a great sense of enjoyment and cosiness. Ready to go? Then lace up your mountain boots and let's go!

The starting point of our high-altitude hike is the Stockerhof at 1,600 metres above sea level. We'll take our Alte Mühle shuttle up to there, then we'll continue on foot along the vegetation path towards Fochina Jöchl. Before you google your fingers to the bone - Fochina is the Ahrntal term for the district of "Ahornach". At the Fochina Jöchl, refreshments are waiting for us, but be careful: high-proof! 100% strong is also the view from up here. A fabulous panoramic view of the Tauferer Ahrntal valley and the Dolomites opens up before us. We march on through the Pojental valley to the Pojenalm pasture and then take a short break with Manuel from the Roanerhof. And then it's time to return to the Alte Mühle, where you can make yourself comfortable on our new Bachgarten terrace or in our Mühlbadl. And yes, you see correctly: Sepp is already back there making and doing. Maybe it's the mountain air that gives him so much energy?

Facts about the high-altitude hike with Sepp:
Duration of the hike: approx. 6 hours
Total metres in altitude: approx. 1,200
Level of difficulty: moderately difficult
Hints: You need to be sure-footed, have some mountain experience and sensible equipment.

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