The Goat Whisperer and the Sheep Wool Alchemist

The "Winkl" is a special corner. Not only because here you can marvel at the famous waterfalls. There are two extraordinary people at work here who keep old knowledge alive and produce cosy and delicious things in harmony with nature. If you like, spend an afternoon with us at the home of sheep wool alchemist Helene Brusa and goat whisperer Günther Volgger - a perfect opportunity to get to know the Ahrntal valley from its cosy side.

Felted and sewn up!

A living museum? There is such a thing! Helene Brusa is happy to share her passion for fluffy four-legged friends with you. In Helene's Sheep Wool Museum you can learn all about her favourite animals and the role they played in great-grandmother's times. In those days, sheep not only provided valuable meat, but above all warming wool. And it was not only good as knitting wool, but also as so-called healing wool for all kinds of ailments. Let Helene explain to you how you can fight back pain and tension with the help of her healing wool. A craft that Helene is also good at is felting. Long before people invented the loom, they were making fabrics out of felt. So you could call felting the oldest fabric-making technique. Now it's time for you to get hands-on. Under the expert guidance of sheep wool luminary Helene, we will create beautiful little things out of felt together. At the latest then you realise how much effort and love is behind a piece of handicraft and how important it is to keep old crafts alive. Just a stone's throw away there is another who keeps the alpine tradition alive. Günther also has to do with cloven hoofed animals. Unlike Helene, who has devoted her life to sheep, Günther's whole attention is devoted to his goats.

Nothing to complain about in Günther's Goasroscht

Creamy panna cotta, refreshing drinking yoghurt, tangy soft cheese - and all made from goat's milk. Günther Volgger knows his craft and makes all kinds of delicious things right next to his stable. His Goasroscht (Goas as in "goat's goat" and Roscht as in "to rest") is also a popular meeting place for locals. Here you can buy specialities in the farm shop or enjoy a good glass of wine in idyllic surroundings. This goes perfectly with Günther's cheese specialities. It's time for a little refreshment for us, too. Taste the wonderful cheese, treat yourself to a good glass of wine. Host Beatrice and "Goasroscht-Günther" are only too happy to pass on their extensive knowledge of tastes and aromas. After this cosy get-together, we will walk together along the Ahr back to the Alte Mühle.

Would you like to spend an afternoon with the goat whisperer and the sheep wool alchemist? Then take a look here.

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