Mom will do it!

A tribute to the most important person in life

Year after year, a strange ritual repeats itself: grown men (and women, of course) flock to flower stores and patisseries, only to stand on Mom's doorstep afterwards, laden with flowers and confections, stammering a few embarrassed words and hoping that these awkward gestures somehow do justice to what we actually want to say to our mother. Namely: Thank you! 
Mom will do it!
Thank you for bringing me into the world, teaching me how to eat, talk, and walk. Thank you for your strawberry jam, which immediately catapults me back to childhood with its incomparable taste. Thank you for many a piece of good advice and the odd scolding, which in hindsight has done me good. Thank you for giving up so much and doing without so that I could be the person I am now. 

Hand on heart, it's almost impossible to pack all that gratitude into a single day. And if you ask the moms themselves, Mother's Day is nice enough, but they would secretly appreciate a little attention now and then on the other 364 days of the year, too. For example, in the form of the most precious thing one person can give to another: Time. 

Be it in the form of a phone call without "You Mom, I have to go now..." or a coffee chat without a constantly vibrating smartphone at the table. Or: a few days together: with long walks in nature. A fine dinner without having to cook. Soothing wellness. Good conversations. Maybe you'd like to pack your mother into the car, grin conspiratorially, and then only reveal halfway there: "Mom, we're going to South Tyrol!" Or you could hand over a voucher for a weekend at the Alte Mühle along with flowers and chocolates. As you can see, we can think of many ways to give your mom the gift of your time. If we can help you, feel free to give us a call or send us an email. 

And to all the moms out there, we wish you a wonderful Mother's Day with your loved ones. Let yourselves be celebrated. Best of all all year round.

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