Fresh. Fresher. Taufrisch Field.

Any self-respecting host only serves the best to his guests. That's why we don't put glass hazelnut tomatoes from the Spanish desert, Chinese garlic or herbs from white-god-where. And certainly not in the cooking pot. We are more than happy that we are not alone with this attitude. As one of a total of 14 hotels and restaurants in Sand im Taufers, we are a proud member of the Taufrisch cooperation. In other words: together we cultivate a vegetable field on the edge of the village to bring you the freshest of the fresh onto your plate. Bet you can taste the difference when you bite into a carrot, potato, cabbage or salad.

Good for the planet. Good for you.

Maybe the vegetables from Taufrisch Field taste so delicious because they are not grown in any way, but biodynamically and in harmony with the phases of the moon? One person who knows a lot about this is our gardener Erich. He comes from Fochina (=Ahornach) and takes care of our plants with a lot of heart and brain. He knows which vegetables grow particularly luxuriantly next to which herbs and which edible flowers are also good for the diversity of species in the field. Keyword flowers: marigold, cornflower, nasturtium, borage blossom, thyme blossom and courgette blossom are not only pretty to look at, but also taste great. You know what - you'd better come to the Old Mill very soon and see for yourself. If you like, you can have a look at the dewy field - we'd love to organise a private garden tour for you.

If you want to know where our vegetables come from when nothing is growing in South Tyrol at the moment, then take a look here. Our daughter Sarah runs a very special vegetable farm in the Venice lagoon.

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