Cheese Festival

3 days of slow food

The cheese festival is many things: a cheese and gourmet market, a trade fair, a meeting of like-minded people. And it is undoubtedly an highlight. But none of this is enough to describe it. It is more of a feeling.

The cheese market in Campo Tures has become right popular: in two-year intervals - 2022 - 2024 - 2026, etc. - it attracts cheese lovers from all over Europe. Every year in March many producers provide their special, tasty, unique cheeses for tasting and sales.

But the special thing about this market is actually the great variety of truly delicious specialties from near and far ... Chocolate, coffee, oil, jams, yogurt and ... and ... and ... a treasure trove for gourmets!

Laboratories of good taste 2024:

There will be guided tastings on all three days of the festival: the flavour experiences. Luca Conti, Armando Gambera, Bettina Lindner, Marion Nüssler, Dominik Flammer, Herbert Steiner and Andrea Bovo will be telling tasty stories about cheese & co

Show cooking 2024:

The diversity of South Tyrolean cookery invites you to a show cooking with top chefs on all three days under the direction of the South Tyrolean Chefs' Association: Their dishes - a tribute to cheese and, of course, to the local cuisine.

Insights into the hotel
How the weather plays
Arrival at the hotel

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