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Classic whole body massage50 minutes
57.00 €
with aromatic oil 57,00€

The massage stimulates circulation, loosens and stretches muscles, soothes muscle cramps and supports the elimination of waste products.
Classic partial massage20 minutes
35.00 €
Classic back massage that stimulates circulation, loosens and stretches muscles, soothes muscle cramps and supports elimination of waste products
Head and Neck massage20 minutes
35.00 €
This massage is recommended for relaxation of the head and face area.
 Individual combination massage 50 minutes
63.00 €
Alpicare ® Massage arnica & st. Johns wort50 minutes
58.00 €

 This curative massage provides new energy to tired joints and muscles. The powerful combination of active ingredients of Arnica and of Hypericum helps remove stress and melt tension away.

Alpicare ® Massage swiss stone pine & wild thyme50 minutes
58.00 €
Detoxinate and peacefully relax your body.
Wild thyme stimulates the skin’s metabolism, reinforces the nerves and enhances dermal blood circulation. Combined with the rebalancing effect of Swiss stone pine on blood circulation. Combined with the rebalancing effect of Swiss stone pine on blood circulation and on health in general, this curative massage not only reinforces the respiratory system but also the nervous system.
Alpicare®Massage Apple & Rose Hips50 minutes
58.00 €
Special care for dry or mature skin. The precious active components of apples and the nourishing properties of rose hips imbue your skin with ample moisture and give your skin new freshness and vitality.
Deep Relax Stone Massage80 minutes
88.00 €
A ritual of deep relaxation massage and the effects of warm basalt stones and precious essential oils. Using pleasant warmth to open the energy centers, the chakras, the spirit and soul will be released from negative influences, charging the entire body with new energy and vitality. This treatment brings about deep relaxation and creates the feeling of holistic harmony.
Abhyanga Massage ayurveda Oilmassage80 minutes
89.00 €
Abhyanga is an ancient Indian Ayurvedic oil massage therapy for healing and detoxifying Body, Mind and Spirit. This ayurvedic detox and stress reduction therapy is performed by warm herbal oils.
Tibetan massage50 minutes
60.00 €
A special massage for everyone there need a special relaxing treatment. Essential oils and sound to relax your body and your mind.
​Lymphatic drainage25 minutes
36.00 €
A special treatment to unlock the lymphatic channels 
Foot reflex massage25 minutes
38.00 €
Special technique for a massage on the lines of the nerve pathways of the foots
Oil slate-benefit peloid compress50 minutes
56.00 €
The oil slate benefit mud used Theraputicly and comes originally from the alpine Jura Mountains. It contains 2/3 mineral components and 1/3 bound crystal water and organic substances of fossil origin. The effect consists of a local warmth treatment in the form of compresses in order to attend chronic-rheumatic or degenerative illnesses of the movement apparatus as well as chronic muscle tense ups. After the treatment, is a 30 minute relaxation massage.
Vitalis-Back Programme Dorsalis 50 minutes
61.00 €
The perfect massage experience to get away from it all. The sophisticated back programme relives tension in the muscles of the back and improves the dynamics of the spinal column. This special treatment of energetic massage and cupping methods produces wellbeing and relaxation for stressed backs. It helps us to maintain our posture and gives us beauty and radiance.
Children´s massage25 minutes
35.00 €
Up 1 to 12 years. 
A smooth massage to relax your child. You can also come to learn how to massage your child
 Bioenergetic Anti Stress Massage50 minutes
61.00 €
Fit Legs Arnica for athletes35 minutes
36.00 €
The leg massage is an extremely beneficial massage. It relaxes muscles, stimulates blood circulation and eliminates the feeling of "heavy" legs. Ideal after hiking or skiing.