Massages at Hotel Alte Mühle

Special massages

Alpin Vital

Energy for daily life.

The peeling performed using the flax glove removes dead cells from the skin, improves blood circulation and makes the connective tissue more receptive.

The use of Stone pine sticks stimulates the back’s reflex points, and the subsequent massage elongates the muscles. The compress imbibed with wolf’s bane, thistle and Stone pine increases vitality and reinforces the immune system.

ca.  80 min. 105 €

Photo Art - Detox Honey

The aim of our detox treatment is to use the special honey treatment to remove waste products and toxins from the connective tissue, as they disrupt the supply and manifest themselves in restricted mobility of joints, intervertebral discs, ligaments, tendons and in sagging, brittle skin.  The specific herbal mixture of birch, nettle, yarrow, dandelion etc. stimulates kidney, liver and intestinal activity and thus supports the removal and excretion of waste products. Special salts regulate the acid-base balance in the body so that excess acid is counteracted. In addition, the magnesium massage improves lipometabolism, blood circulation and the oxygen supply to the cells. This stimulates the energy metabolism and leads to increased well-being and vitality. This treatment is carried out from head to toe, because only with different stimulations of the various areas in the body can the organisms be stimulated to an optimal purification and detoxification.

ca.  80 min. 105 €

Anti-stress relaxation massages

Deep Relax Stone Massage

Ancient stone power - basalt stone massage
At the beginning of this deeply relaxing application, warm basalt stones stimulate the 7 energy centers of your body. The following gentle aromatic oil massage stimulates the lymphatic flow, relieves, and calms the nervous system. A special fragrance and warmth experience that relieves physical and mental stress and provides relaxation. Touching elemental force for body and soul

50 min 79 €

Ayurveda Alpin

This special massage is based on the synergy between the traditional Ayurveda technique and oils made with local essences.

The massage with warm oil relaxes and revitalises the body, invigorates the immune system and gives the skin an even texture. The mixture of high quality hemp, apricot kernel, sunflower seed and wheat germ oils abounding in vitamins A-B-E, in trace elements, in minerals and in unsaturated fatty acids, is massaged deep into the skin with stimulating and regular movements, resulting in a beneficial activation of healthiness.

It also stimulates the body’s vital points with immediate positive effects on the energy system.

ca.  75 min. 105 €

Phyto Art - Balance Anti Stress

Take a real break and let yourself go!

A select mixture of oils with the addition of grapefruit, orange and Lemon balm helps reduce stress, leave behind the frenetic rhythms of everyday life and free the mind.

Special massage maneuvers, combined with the Musk cream made with local herbs, dissolve the blocked muscles of the back and neck, while the use of various crystals stimulates the flow of energy, allowing to harmonise body and mind.

ca.  50 min.  79 €

For athletes

Phyto Art - Stretch & cupping

This massage is ideal before or after practicing a sport. Cupping improves blood circulation, supplying a larger quantity of oxygen and nutrients to the cells. The stimulating massage with Sport Energy oil and special maneuvers relaxes tight muscles.

To regenerate muscles we use our Sport Herbs Cream with wolf’s bane, thistle and horse chestnut. And you’ll feel in great shape!

ca.  50 min. 75 €

Phyto Art - Light legs

The special combination of leg massage and wrap invigorates and regenerates tired legs.

Alpine herbs in synergy with mineral salts stimulate blood circulation and relax your muscles. Plant extracts such as birch, dandelion, nettle and horse chestnut ensure lasting vitality for your legs. For tired and heavy legs!

ca.  50 min. 75 €

Classic massages

Classic full body massage with aromatic oil

The classic among massages, with targeted grips the muscles are loosened, blood circulation is increased and the general well-being is improved. 
approx. 50 min 69 €

Whole body relaxing massage with aroma oil

The massage stimulates circulation, loosens and stretches muscles, soothes muscle cramps and supports the elimination of waste products.

approx. 50 min. 75 €

Classic partial massage

This is a classic massage tailored to your needs, where you need it most, whether legs or back, your concern is close to our heart.
approx. 25 min 45 €

Footzone massage

Special technique for a massage on the lines of the nerve pathways of the foots.

ca. 25 min. 47 €
ca. 50 min. 74 €

Lympathic drainage

Manual lymphatic drainage  is a type of massage based on the hypothesis that it will encourage the natural drainage of the lymph, which carries waste products away from the tissues back toward the heart.

Ca. 50 min, 74 €

Alpine Massages

Phyto Art - Zirbl Activ

Perceive nature directly on your body! This dynamic massage, performed using special Stone pine sticks and the massage with reactivating herb oil, has a regenerating and re-invigorating effect on the body. The Stone pine aroma in the pillow unclogs and improves your breathing, giving you the feeling of walking through a Stone pine wood in South Tyrol.

ca.  50 min. 75 €

Phyto Art - I breathe

For increased vitality and a strong immune system!

Breathing is inextricably linked with one’s life force; the embryo shows a close relationship between breathing and the digestive system, as the lower respiratory tract develops from parts of the intestine. The special massage with yosp and fennel on the back and chest area opens and relaxes the airways and the massage of the intestines has a positive effect on the lungs. By inhaling cornflower, myrtle, elderberry and lime blossoms, the airways are also cleaned and strengthened so that more oxygen can be absorbed and passed on.

ca.  50 min. 75 €

Phyto Art - Dorsal treatment

An intensive treatment for tense back muscles. The hot roll of the Kneipp method, scented with local herbs, warms the muscles and prepares them to receive the massage. Cupping combined with a deep back massage removes blocks and regenerates the back structures. The herb-based ointment containing common houseleek, Saint John’s wort, hop and plantain help the muscles relax with a long-lasting effect.

ca.  50 min. 76 €

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