Massages at Hotel Alte Mühle

Special massages

Foot zone massage

Here the feet are really pampered and the whole body benefits. The whole organism is stimulated through targeted stimulation of reflective points. This massage has a harmonizing effect on life energies, reduces stress and helps to relax.

ca. 25 min. 38 €
approx. 50 min. 62 €

Vitalis Dr. Joseph Massage Resonance Dorsalis

The sophisticated back program
Effective natural products and a modulated massage with singing bowls and cupping glasses release tension in the back muscles and improve the dynamics of the spine. They provide relaxation for the stressed back and help to maintain posture.

approx. 50 min 65 €

Anti-stress relaxation massages

Deep relax Stone Massage

ancient stone power - basalt stone massage
At the beginning of this deeply relaxing application, warm basalt stones stimulate the 7 energy centers of your body. The following gentle aromatic oil massage stimulates the lymphatic flow, relieves and calms the nervous system. A special fragrance and warmth experience that relieves physical and mental stress and provides relaxation. Touching elemental power for body and soul

80 min 91 €

Abhyanga massage - the ayurvedic oil massage

Here massage becomes a freestyle, an art. Your body is massaged with warm oil, blockages and toxins dissolve and you feel more vital and relaxed. Let yourself be pampered from head to toe in a caring atmosphere and enjoy an oil massage of a very special kind.
approx. 75 min 91 €

Head and neck massage

A soothing massage especially for people with a heavy head. With targeted grips, the shoulder and neck area is vigorously loosened. The face and head are gently included to achieve inner peace and serenity.
25 min 36 €

Head and face massage

Loosening, liberating head massage with relaxing facial massage

approx. 25 min 36 €

For athletes

Fit Legs Arnica for athletes

The leg massage is an extremely beneficial massage. It relaxes the muscles, stimulates blood circulation and eliminates the feeling of "heavy" legs. Ideal after a hike or skiing.

approx. 25 min 36 €

Classic massages

Classic full body massage with aromatic oil

The classic among massages, with targeted grips the muscles are loosened, blood circulation is increased and the general well-being is improved. 
approx. 50min 58 €

Classic partial massage

This is a classic massage tailored to your needs, where you need it most, whether legs or back, your concern is close to our heart.
approx. 25 min 36 €

Individual combination massage

What do I feel like today? As desired from different treatment forms, whether stimulating or relaxing, your condition adapted massage.
approx. 50 min 63 €

Children massage (1 to 12 years)

Massages are a wonderful way to bring children to rest. Massages not only help children to relax. They also provide them with a great deal of love and security.

approx. 25 min. 36 €

Alpine Relax Massages

Arnica & St. John's wort massage muscle fitness

The ideal combination of active ingredients to relieve tension and reduce stress. Arnica and St. John's wort have a gently calming and nerve-strengthening effect, while at the same time activating the skin's metabolism. This leads to an invigorating effect especially for the muscles.
approx. 50min 59 €

Alpine massage grape seed & sea buckthorn anti-aging

Grape seeds contain polyphenols and are considered one of the most important discoveries for particularly effective skin care and protection against free radicals. A vitamin cocktail has a protective effect against oxidative stress of the skin and gives a pleasant silky feeling of well-being.
approx. 50 min 59 €

Apple & Rosehip - Moisture & Cell Regeneration

A sensual fruity beauty massage. Apples and rose hips are the ideal fruits for the regeneration and care of dehydrated and stressed skin. This unique combination can promote cell regeneration and intensively moisturizes the skin.
approx. 50 min 59 €

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