With water and warmth against the winter blues

When the festive cuddly mood of December and all the spirit of optimism of January are a thing of the past and spring still seems a long way off, yes... Then it's February. If you are not an avid winter sports fan, the question often arises: What to do? How can we draw new strength? Dive with us into the magical world of our Mühlbadl, where crystal-clear mountain spring water and comforting warmth make the clouds of your soul disappear in the blink of an eye. Because a wellness day like this can work wonders. We went on a search for you and found out all kinds of exciting things about the history of wellness.


Sanum per aquam

No mill without water. The crystal-clear mountain stream water that makes its way down from the heights of the Venediger Group has always played a major role here in Sand in Taufers. And here at the Old Mill anyway. We cannot claim to have "discovered" water as an elixir of the soul. Whether Aborigines or Torres Strait Islanders, Indian yogis or Celts: They all knew about the value of water for body, mind and soul(n) healing. And at the latest when people sat down in Turkish hammams or ancient Roman bathhouses, it was clear: there is something to "sanum per aquam" - today called SPA for short. That's why it's an extremely good idea, especially in winter, to simply "take a dip". You can read in numerous studies how positive a few laps in our Mühlbadl can be for your health. Or simply try it out yourself. I bet you'll feel completely in your element. Element is an excellent keyword, which brings us straight to the next tip against the (inner) cold.


Let yourself be heated up!

Whether Finnish hot or oriental mild: ardent devotees of the sauna certainly know the unbeatable effect of an infusion. If you want to know exactly why sauna is good for the psyche, ask Mr Google. He'll spit out lots of studies on how the heat affects the brain and makes it release endorphins. And here, too, we have no choice but to invite you to try it out for yourselves. Here at the Alte Mühle, you can sit in the Lärchen-Zirm-Schwitzhütte, wipe the sweat from your brow in the Kräuter-Knappen-Stube, unwind in the natural stone grotto steam bath, doze off in the slate stone gallery or let the infrared cabin heat you up. And then, of course, there is the unbeatable effect of an Alpine massage. But that's another story all of its own. With this in mind: do something good for yourself. Maybe soon at the Hotel Alte Mühle?


Insights into the hotel
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Arrival at the hotel

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