Water-rich Tauferer Ahrntal

Everywhere it gurgles and splashes, flows, streams and roars. The area around Sand in Taufers is not only a mountain paradise, but also a real water kingdom. Whereby: the one causes the other. And vice versa. In short: even though the Ahrntal is not blessed with lakes, water sets the tone here. In the form of countless rivulets, streams, waterfalls and cascades. It is no coincidence that we at the Alte Mühle are "water-washed", as the saying goes. After all, the Ahr and its whims have always shaped the fate of our house. Back then as a flour mill directly on the river, today as a relaxing holiday home for you. Especially on hot summer days, it is a real treat to follow the flow of the Ahr in the shade of the trees. If you like, you can even walk to the beautiful Reinbach waterfalls:


Walk to the Reinbach Falls

Our water walk starts right outside our front door. The romantic walk along the banks of the Ahr leads you to the quiet district of St. Moritzen with its beautiful little church. After the small arched bridge, you can continue to follow the sound of the Ahr in the shade of hazelnut bushes and elder trees. Or you can take a detour and visit the idyllic hamlet of "Winkl" with its farms. The destination is always the same: the waterfall bar. There, in the fir shade of the forest, there is time for refreshment or a coffee break. Then it's a leisurely uphill walk on a gravel path. To the first, second or even third waterfall. The Reinbach Falls are one of the top excursion destinations in the region. If you want to enjoy the wonderfully refreshing spray of the waterfalls on your own, it is best to come early in the morning or in the late afternoon hours.

Water as far as the eye can see...

But it is not only at the Reinbach Falls that you can marvel at the crystal-clear mountain spring water in all its vertical beauty. Halfway down the valley between Sand in Taufers and Luttach, a beautiful waterfall awaits you, a little hidden away. It's easy to get there: walk into the valley from the old mill, past the castle and change sides of the road in the sharp bend. After a small bridge, a gravelled path along the bank of the Ahr begins on the right. If you suddenly hear a loud whooping and cheering - don't be alarmed! That's just the white-water rafters hurtling down the Ahr on a rubber dinghy. Now it's time to listen carefully! Soon you can hear the roar of the forest waterfall. Just follow the signs and you'll be amazed.

Even more water highlights in the Ahrntal:

  • A trip to the Mühlwalder Tal valley: there is a water museum and the beautiful Neves reservoir.
  • A day at the natural bathing pond in the Cascade in Sand in Taufers.
  • Plitsch Platsch: Visit the water adventure world on the Klausberg. Fun for young and old!
  • Coffee with a lake view: Take a bike ride to the Thara Seelounge in Kematen.

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