The fresh taste of the south

A good 4 hours by car and numerous mountain road bends via Cortina and Treviso, very close to the legendary lagoon city of Venice, lies our personal Garden of Eden. An almost inexhaustible source of good taste, the home of fresh vegetables and sun-kissed fruits: In Chioggia - or rather on Chioggia - our daughter Sarah has fulfilled a long-cherished dream. Chioggia is an island in the Venice lagoon and, thanks to its location, quite spoilt by wind and weather. On this idyllic spot, Sarah has devoted herself to growing fruit and vegetables. The inspiration for this, by the way, comes here from Sand in Taufers. The famous Taufrisch field was Sarah's inspiration for her vegetable field. That's a story of its own, which we'll tell you another time. Back to Chioggia. Sarah grows around 70 types of vegetables and fruit on an incredible 400 square metres. She would never have dreamed that her little garden would one day become something so big - or should we say great. But that's the way it is with wishes: Unexpected things often happen and those who work hard also get to reap the fruits of success. In Sarah's case, this is true in the truest sense of the word.


From A for aubergine to C for courgette

In the meantime, the entire ABC grows in Sarah's field: from A for aubergine to c for courgette, everything is there. Pumpkin, fennel, tomatoes, cucumbers, lettuce, peppers, cabbage and carrots thrive here, and even exotics like watermelons feel at home in the mild climate of the island. Sarah can also call six different types of fruit trees her own, and beautiful flowers grow for bees and the beautiful spirits. Keyword bees: Here in Chioggia they take special care of them, just as they do of ladybirds and earthworms. The insects are indispensable workers, keep pests away and contribute to the health of the entire ecosystem with their biodiversity. Because sprays or other chemicals are definitely not on Sarah's agenda. She is committed to organic and natural farming. And you can taste that. The first time we bit into one of her tomatoes, it felt as if we were feeling the sunshine of the south on our tongues and the whole dolce vita of Italy dancing in our mouths. We are therefore very lucky that Sarah regularly supplies us with her vitamin-rich delicacies and that we are allowed to turn them into fine culinary delights for you in the Alte Mühle kitchen. By the way, we are particularly keen on the pickled specialities: Vegetables are marinated sweet and sour or preserved in vinegar or oil. Sarah makes jam from the fruit. That's what we call happiness in a jar! 

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