March sun tans best

If we had written these lines two or three decades earlier, our advice would look something like this: Take a good portion of Tyrolean nut oil or milking fat (yes, the sticky stuff used to care for cow udders), smear it on your face and go skiing. But even the most hardened ski instructors now have to admit that the tips of yesteryear are now more likely to be classified as hazardous to health. But one thing is still true: the March sun tans wonderfully. Especially on top of the mountains. This is partly due to the altitude and partly, of course, to the snow that reflects the sun's rays.

Sunshine galore

After the dark winter months, the first rays of the spring sun are a real boon for the complexion, soul and immune system. This is not only said by the ski instructors in Ahrntal, but also by numerous scientists. The interaction of the sun's UVB rays and the body's own vitamin D production boosts all kinds of positive things in the human body. The mood rises and the pale winter pallor gives way to a complexion that is bursting with vitality. And if you pick up your portion of March sunshine at the Sonnklarlift in the Speikboden ski area, the butterflies in your stomach will do somersaults for joy. Because fresh air and exercise have always helped. As always and everywhere, the old saying applies to your spring sun cure on the ski slopes: the dose makes the poison. And: Protect yourself! With a high-quality sun cream with a high sun protection factor. After all, you don't want your ski instructor tan to turn into a tomato complexion, do you?

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