A holiday without a smartphone? This is how Digital Detox becomes a real experience.

Are you still coming along at the moment? AI, ChatGPT, TikTok and Trallala? Life seems to take place only in digital worlds, and anyone who finds the whole circus too much is quickly seen as a backwoods rebel against progress. Or, as we say: a rebel. Because "going offline", switching off the smartphone and really (!) not being reachable for a few days, is almost a radical act.

Digital silence as a status symbol.

Perhaps it is also the ultimate definition of freedom. Because anyone who can claim that their own time, their own experience has absolute priority and that they don't care in the slightest about what others are up to on Insta and the like, has made it. Some futurologists even think that inaccessibility is the new luxury. If a switched-off mobile phone is a status symbol, then our guests are definitely the elite. Because those who spend their holidays with us at the Alte Mühle in the Ahrntal have better things to do than watching cat videos or liking the baby photos of their cousin's neighbour.

Off into real life! Digital Detoxin South Tyrol.

We'll go one better: social media is bad for the psyche, the blue light from screens disturbs our sleep rhythm and our spine isn't exactly happy about the constant "staring at the smartphone" either. This is scientifically proven, read it online! (This is one of the undisputed advantages of the internet age!) But now the really good news. There is an "antidote", a real miracle cure for our technology addiction: nature! We have plenty of it here around the Hotel Alte Mühle: First of all, there are the mountains of the Ahrntal, which invite you to go hiking. (A perfect workout for your cardiovascular system). Then we have lots of wonderful forests that you can explore on foot, by bike or on horseback. (Forest air has a healing effect on the whole human organism.) Then there are our wonderful waterfalls (refreshment for body, mind and soul) and of course the Slow Food pioneers of the region. Whether Günther von der Goasroscht, the mountain farm "Kofler zwischen den Wänden", our 'Taufrisch Feld' or our chef (cook) Sepp - the natural food produced with a lot of dedication and time is a found food for a healthy intestinal flora.

Time for radical idleness

Perhaps here in Sand in Taufers you would also like to engage in something that really seems a bit strange these days: doing nothing. Sit on a bench, put your hands in your lap, gaze pensively at the landscape and do nothing, zero, nada for half an hour. Not so easy, is it? But you will see: It's not just our laptops and smartphones that need a system reboot every now and then, we do too. Our nature experience weeks would be an excellent opportunity to give it a try!


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