3 good reasons for winter hiking

We admit it: it's simply cosy inside in front of the cosy fireplace. But true winter happiness can be found outside. We are real winter hiking fans. Because this form of exercise costs nothing. Except for a little effort. With this in mind: put on something smart, get the good shoes with the rough tread out of the cupboard and off you go! Still need a little convincing? Then read our top 3 reasons why you too should lace up your winter hiking boots:

Of air and light

After the dark December days and the much too early winter evenings, the soul is thirsting for sunlight. You know: the vitamin D stores need to be replenished. And when you walk across diamond-glittering fields and the forest looks like a wonderland of snow and ice, your spirits dance a happy polka. Besides sunlight, fresh air is a real pick-me-up. During the heating season, the air inside is often "thick", the mucous membranes dry out more quickly and open the door to pathogens. On our hikes together we hear again and again: "The cold air hurts my lungs so much". There is a simple trick to counteract this: close the flap and always breathe through your nose. The air warms up there and reaches your bronchial tubes at a pleasant temperature.

Something for the heart

While we're on the subject of good health, let's stick to it. You know: standing is better than sitting and walking is better than standing. Every (brisk) step you take is good for your entire cardiovascular system. You don't need to be afraid of the cold. If you are basically healthy, you can withstand temperatures as low as minus 15 degrees without any problems. Provided you start your winter adventure with appropriate clothing. Another interesting fact is that trudging through the snow burns significantly more calories than hiking in the summer. In addition, other muscle groups are addressed and thus trained.

Just as you like

And now comes our favourite, the top reason to go on a winter hike: You don't need expensive equipment or other frills. Dressed warmly and equipped with good shoes, you can start hiking straight away. There are many possibilities around our Hotel Alte Mühle: Whether with snowshoes (which you can borrow from us free of charge) or without, very leisurely along the Ahr to the Reinbach waterfalls, a little more sporty via the Eichkatzl path up to Taufers Castle or wildly romantic "into the Toule" towards Luttach. If you like, you can take part in a guided snowshoe hike every Tuesday and Friday as part of the Winter Active Mountain“ programme or accompany our host Sepp on a snowshoe hike together: Together you will explore the mountain world of Speikboden. First, the Glückslift will take you to lofty heights, then you will trudge to the Treyeralm and up to the Sonnklar with its incomparably beautiful 360-degree panoramic view.

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