You’ve really earned it. Put yourself in the hands of our beauty and wellness experts and let us pamper you from head to toe. Whether you want us to make your inner or outer beauty shine, you are sure to find the treatment you need right now in our alpine spa.

Body & Soule


Tired muscles and fasciae that need relaxing? Our highly trained masseurs will get you back into shape. They devote themselves to your problem areas and aches and pains with great dedication and expertise. If you wish, precious essences from the nature of the mountains can be used.

Special massage

Footzone massage

Special technique for a massage on the lines of the nerve pathways of the foots. 

47 € (approx. 25 min)
74 € (approx. 50 min)

Ritual alpin vital

Energy for daily life. The peeling performed using the flax glove removes dead cells from the skin, improves blood circulation and makes the connective tissue more receptive. The use of Stone pine sticks stimulates the back’s reflex points, and the subsequent massage elongates the muscles. The compress imbibed with wolf’s bane, thistle and Stone pine increases vitality and reinforces the immune system.

105 € (approx 80 min)

Phyto art - detox honey

The aim of our detox treatment is to use the special honey treatment to remove waste products and toxins from the connective tissue, as they disrupt the supply and manifest themselves in restricted mobility of joints, intervertebral discs, ligaments, tendons and in sagging, brittle skin. The specific herbal mixture of birch, nettle, yarrow, dandelion etc. stimulates kidney, liver and intestinal activity and thus supports the removal and excretion of waste products. Special salts regulate the acid-base balance in the body so that excess acid is counteracted. In addition, the magnesium massage improves lipo metabolism, blood circulation and the oxygen supply to the cells. This stimulates the energy metabolism and leads to increased well-being and vitality. This treatment is carried out from head to toe, because only can the organisms be stimulated to an optimal purification and detoxification.

105 € (approx. 80 min) 

Balance antistress

Phyto art balance antistress

The anti-stress massage is a relaxation massage and takes care of your mental and physical recovery. She is ideal and a unique treat, for example after a long, tiring day. Headache and backache are caused by tension. Neck stiffness, tension in the shoulders and painful restrictions on movement are the result. In the anti-stress massage, individual areas such as the shoulder, neck and back are massaged gently to intensely and sensitively.

75 € (approx. 50 min)

Ayurveda alpin-phyto art

This special massage is based on the synergy between the traditional Ayurveda technique and oils made with local essences. The massage with warm oil relaxes and revitalises the body, invigorates the immune system and gives the skin an even texture. The mixture of high quality hemp, apricot kernel, sunflower seed and wheat germ oils abounding in vitamins A-B-E, in trace elements, in minerals and in unsaturated fatty acids, is massaged deep into the skin with stimulating and regular movements, resulting in a beneficial activation of healthiness. It also stimulates the body’s vital points with immediate positive effects on the energy system.

105 € (approx. 75 min)

Deep relax Stone Massage

A ritual of deep relaxation massage and the effects of warm basalt stones and precious essential oils. Using pleasant warmth to open the energy centers, the chakras, the spirit and soul will be released from negative influences, charging the entire body with new energy and vitality. This treatment brings about deep relaxation and creates the feeling of holistic harmony.

79 € (approx. 50 min)

Afther sport

Phyto art- stretch and cupping

This massage is ideal before or after practicing a sport. Cupping improves blood circulation, supplying a larger quantity of oxygen and nutrients to the cells. The stimulating massage with Sport Energy oil and special manoeuvres relaxes tight muscles. To regenerate muscles we use our Sport Herbs Cream with wolf’s bane, thistle and horse chestnut. And you’ll feel in great shape!

75 € (approx. 50 min)

Phyto art – light legs

The special combination of leg massage and wrap invigorates and regenerate tired legs. Alpine herbs in synergy with mineral salts stimulate blood circulation and relax your muscles. Plant extracts such as birch, dandelion, nettle and horse chestnut ensure lasting vitality for your legs. For tired and heavy legs!

75 € (approx. 50 min)

Classic massages

Classic whole bodymassage

The massage stimulates circulation, loosens and stretches muscles, soothes muscle cramps and supports the elimination of waste products. 

69 € (approx. 50 min)

Whole body relaxing massage with aroma oil

The massage stimulates circulation, loosens and stretches muscles, soothes muscle cramps and supports the elimination of waste products.

75 € (approx. 50 min)

Classic partial massage

Classic back massage that stimulates circulation, loosens, and stretches muscles, soothes muscle cramps, and supports elimination of waste products.

45 € (approx. 25 min)

Lympathic drainage

Manual lymphatic drainage is a type of massage based on the hypothesis that it will encourage the natural drainage of the lymph, which carries waste products away from the tissues back toward the heart.

74 € (approx. 50 min)

Alpine relax massages

Phyto art-pine massage

Feel the nature on your body! This dynamic massage made with special pine sticks, and the massage with herbal reactivating oil, has a regenerating and invigorating effect. The aroma of pine wood in the pillow frees and improves breathing, giving the sensation to do a walk in the woods of South Tyrol.

75 € (approx. 50 min)

Phyto Art - I breathe

To have more vitality and a strong immune system! Breathing is inextricably connected to the live force. In the embryo we can observe a tight correlation between the breathing and the digestive system, because the lower air are built from parts of the intestine. The special massage of back and chest with yosp and fennel. It opens and relax the respiratory tract while the massage of the intestine has positive effects for the lungs. The inhalations with cornflower, sambo and linden flowers, allow you to purify and strengthen the respiratory tract so that they are able to absorb and carry more oxygen.

75 € (approx. 50 min)

Phyto art dorsalis treatment

An intensive treatment for the contracted back. The hot roll of Kneipp method, scented with local herbs, warm up the muscles, preparing it to the massage. The copping matched to the deep back massage, melts the muscle tensions and regenerates the back. The herbal unguent like the sempervivum tectorum, St. John wort, the hop and the plantain relax the muscles.

76 € (approx. 50 min)